Case Study

An Active Young Traveler’s Journey Back to Wellness

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Patient Symptoms

Megan* was a young traveler who had spent a lot of her days living and exploring abroad. During her time doing humanitarian work in Africa, she suspected she may have come into contact with a tickborne disease, but was unable to receive treatment. She continued to travel and began noticing aches and pains with recurrent knee effusions. Megan was told she had Rheumatoid Arthritis and was given immune suppressant medication.

During this time, she was also concerned for her multiple gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea, gas, bloating, and sensitivity and reactions to certain foods. But those weren’t her only concerns. Megan had also been noticing frequent yeast infections. She also wasn’t sleeping well, waking in the night excessively sweating.

Upon further evaluation with CCFM, Megan’s health history showed no evidence of an autoimmune disease, however, past labs did reveal some concern for tickborne disease. Through specialized testing, Dr. Schweig found evidence for Lyme, parasites, SIBO, Strep, Candida, and nutritional deficiencies.

Our Approach

Megan began a GI protocol with several rounds of Rifaxamin and Neomycin, rotating through different protocols after seeing improvement on each one. She also changed her eating habits, beginning with an autoimmune paleo diet and followed yeast protocols. She was also placed on adrenal support and Low Dose Naltrexone for additional immunity support.

Megan No Longer Suffers from Fatigue

Megan began noticing changes in her health including a reduction in joint pain, especially in her knees. She previously needed heavy-duty steroids to manage her pain, but now, the swelling and inflammation in her knees had improved just since starting her protocols with CCFM. Her second round of labs even showed her inflammatory markers to be improved.

Megan also started seeing improvements to her rate of recovery. Before treatment, Megan was often tired and unable to do simple tasks like walking. After treatment, she was able to complete a six-hour hike with little fatigue and a shorter recovery period.

“I would say that I no longer have fatigue.”

By focusing on a GI protocol and improving Megan’s gut health, she was able to improve her overall health, energy levels, and cognitive function; bringing her back to the happier, more energetic version of herself.

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*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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