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Gut Health

Sarah, 39 years old


Outcomes: Sarah sought out our assistance after feeling disconnected from a previous functional medicine provider. Despite undergoing gut testing elsewhere, she received no comprehensive treatment plan beyond eliminating gluten from her diet. Desiring clearer guidance on interpreting her lab results and exploring the possibility of SIBO (which hadn't been previously tested), she turned to us.

While Sarah already maintained a health-conscious diet, evidence indicated intestinal permeability exacerbating her growing list of food sensitivities. By focusing on healing her leaky gut, addressing a detected parasite, and diagnosing/treating SIBO, we guided her towards significant symptom relief (including resolution of bloating). Subsequently, she could gradually reintroduce all foods, with gluten minimized. This newfound confidence allowed her to enjoy social gatherings and dining out without uncertainty, fostering a sense of ease in her dietary choices.



Hormone Support

Pam, 54 years old


Outcomes: Pam joined our women’s hormone health membership with several objectives: enhancing mental clarity, reducing brain fog, improving sleep quality, shedding 20 lbs, and boosting libido. She had not been properly educated about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and had a slight fear of starting hormones. Following a thorough analysis of her blood work and a DUTCH plus hormone test, we pinpointed issues like blood sugar dysregulation, heightened inflammation (elevated CRP levels), and depleted sex hormones.

By tailoring her diet, incorporating a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and optimizing her hormone levels with BHRT, Pam has experienced remarkable cognitive and emotional improvements. She now enjoys restful nights, has shed weight, and notices a revitalized libido. Most importantly, when she falls off track with her diet, she knows what she can do to improve things and reset.  



Autoimmune Disease/Thyroid

Ellen, 36 years old


Outcomes: Ellen initially sought out our care to enhance her overall health. Following comprehensive  blood work analysis, we identified several nutrient deficiencies along with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition. This discovery prompted further investigation into her gut health, leading to comprehensive testing revealing SIBO.

Treatment involved a combination of herbal remedies and eventually antibiotics for SIBO, coupled with immune system support through low-dose naltrexone (LDN). As a result, we successfully lowered her thyroid antibodies, largely alleviated digestive symptoms, and bolstered her immune resilience, reducing susceptibility to frequent illnesses. Ellen now feels motivated to engage in regular exercise and activities that promote her overall well-being.


Environmental Exposures

Kyle, 65 years old


Outcomes: Kyle sought our practice when extreme fatigue and heightened sensitivity to various scents and chemicals began to profoundly affect his daily life. His symptoms included dizziness, nausea, elevated heart rate, and excessive sweating, persisting for the past 18 months coinciding with his relocation to a new home.

Delving into his medical history, we identified a major mold issue in his home as the underlying cause of his health challenges. We guided Kyle through the process of having his residence inspected and remediated, while concurrently addressing his mycotoxin burden, mast cell activation, and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

Over the subsequent 18 months, our comprehensive approach significantly alleviated his symptoms, improved chemical sensitivities, mitigated POTS symptoms, and reduced his mycotoxin burden. Kyle is now well on his way to recovery, experiencing a noticeable improvement in his overall well-being.


Lyme Disease

Mark, 41 years old


Outcomes: Mark sought our practice when persistent joint pain began significantly impacting his ability to work, engage with his son, and enjoy life. Despite prior efforts with his primary care physician, including physical therapy and various treatments, relief remained elusive.

Commencing with foundational lab testing, we uncovered a disrupted gut microbiome, nutritional deficiencies, and cortisol imbalances exacerbated by stress. Furthermore, indications of chronic infections contributing to rotating joint pain and profound fatigue emerged.

Over the following two years, we diligently addressed each imbalance. This included restoring gut balance, improving nutritional status, and treating Lyme infections. The comprehensive approach yielded remarkable results: Mark is now thriving. He delights in playing with his son, has resumed full-time work, no longer experiences joint pain, and has regained normal energy levels.

Member Reviews

Tracey is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and thorough and invested in your care. Living with ongoing health issues is a challenge but I always leave our calls with a sense of renewed hope and enthusiasm. Feeling heard and knowing someone is on my side and working with me to find answers and help me live my best life–I can’t tell you how much that means.


Megan’s level of attention and professionalism is outstanding. I can always be assured to get my questions answered and to know that she is looking out for my best interests. I engage with Elise the most. She is quick to respond to my questions related to prescriptions and keeps me on top of any testing that I need to complete. She is competent at what she does and is very friendly.


I communicate with Elise most often and she is amazing. Dr Schweig is a true healer and always knows how to help me get to a better place.


Katie made me feel very cared for and proud of my health journey. Pilar is always amazing and clear and concise in her responses.


Always impressed with Allie's knowledge and thoughtful manner.


I always appreciate Lindsey's knowledgeable guidance. She always explains the science behind food and ingredients I learn so much whenever I meet with her. And she has great ideas about how to approach my issues.


I’ve been around the block a few hundred times and I can say from experience that Dr. Schweig and Allie are top notch. SUPER smart so present and the kindest warmest energy. It’s so appreciated. Honestly everyone I’ve dealt with at CCFM is amazing.


I most often communicate with Tracey. I am very grateful for her guidance through such a complex medical situation treatment. My health is much better and more stable than it was two years ago.


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