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Comprehensive Health Coach support Included Included Included
Appointment minutes None 15% 20%
Additional features
Virtual classes and group visits Included Included Included
In-depth programs, workshops, and guided challenges Additional fee Included Included

Your journey starts with your Onboarding Deep Dive, a process that takes about 60 days and includes:

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Comprehensive health history visit and lab studies. We get to know you in detail and order a complete set of labs to evaluate many different body systems.

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Meet with your with your personal nutritionist and health coach, and implement lifestyle changes. Prepare your body for treatment success and recovery.


Comprehensive case review appointment with your clinician where we will review all of your health data and laboratory studies, and put your initial treatment plan into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note that during the global pandemic, we are only seeing patients virtually (online via telemedicine). Stay up-to-date on our in-person visits by signing up for our email list.

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In addition to our subscription plans, patients have access to classes and programs that offer resources to improve their overall quality of life. Read more about our programs. 
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