We Are Passionate About Health

Join Us.

We appreciate your interest in joining our CCFM family! Open positions, if any, are listed to the right.

We are a group of individuals committed to using our knowledge, experience, empathy, and passion to create a happier and healthier world.

This is who CCFM is:

We are a team.

We work together to solve problems and create a supportive environment for ourselves and our patients.

We are learners.

We pride ourselves on constantly seeking new information and continued growth. We constantly push ourselves to learn all we can to be able to take better care of our patients. We love using the latest technology apps and wearables to track and improve outcomes.

We are leaders.

We strive to be ahead of the pack and don't mind making waves. We don't need to fit in to what "everyone else" is doing!

We walk our talk.

You'll find that our company policies reflect our core values, including having a work-life balance. Even outside of the office, we take time to practice the self-care and healthy habits we encourage in our patients.

We are no longer accepting applications for the Practice Manager position.

Our Core Values

Read more to understand our patient care values and approach. We seek team members who share our passion in these areas.

We hold ourselves to a high patient standard — our passion and approach speak for themselves.


We Listen

We know you’ve been searching for answers. At CCFM, you can expect a new experience. We will listen deeply to your story and consider a broad range of data relevant to your health.

We Investigate

We will use a comprehensive approach, leave no stone unturned, and use tools beyond those available in the mainstream healthcare system to find the root cause of your health concerns.

We Guide

CCFM will guide you through carefully crafted protocols that encompass different aspects of your life and fully address each of your health concerns. Our goal is to bring you closer to living your healthiest life.

We Support

We’re here for you. Throughout your journey, you’ll receive support from experienced professionals with authority in their fields. Our team includes clinicians, nutritionists, coaches, and care coordinators to cover every aspect of your health and wellness.