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CCFM and Dr. Schweig are seriously THE BEST! I am so grateful to be heard and be cared for by such knowledgeable, kind, understanding, and progressive medical professionals.


Improve your health with functional medicine

Get the help you need from a data-driven, multidisciplinary care team. Find the answers you've been searching for with a modern, holistic approach to health and wellness.

"Before coming to CCFM, I was so weak that I had been in a wheelchair for six years. My body was in survival mode. I am now an active 67 year old, able to travel, work out and enjoy my life thanks to working with Dr. Schweig."
D.F. Patient

Tracey O’Shea is very compassionate. She displays her expertise in a manner that exudes confidence in her abilities and your potential to recover. She is very thorough and detailed. I'm thankful to have her treat me.


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Fill out our intake form or reach us by phone and our team will guide you through our collaborative process. We will answer your questions, gather the information we need to understand you better, and help you with next steps.

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Work Together

We’ll start with a deep dive to identify root causes for your health concerns and create a plan. Your care plan will evolve as your health and wellness goals change. Our care team will provide expertise and support throughout your journey.

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Make Progress

Make progress toward your health and wellness goals. With hard work and dedication, we can help you meet and exceed your goals for a healthy life.

You are not alone in your health journey

Treatment for chronic illness and creating a wellness plan is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There can be a lot of conflicting information, and it’s hard to know the best path to wellness. At the California Center for Functional Medicine (CCFM), we provide a safe, open environment for patients searching for answers through a functional medicine lens.

Our care team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, coaches, nutritionists, and other experts has over two decades of industry experience. Our patients can trust they are receiving the best functional medicine healthcare available.

This kind of healing takes a long time. I'm so glad to have found Dr. Schweig and CCFM. They have given me the hope, the motivation, and the guidance to undertake the process of getting better.
J.R. Patient
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Address the root causes of your illness

In functional medicine, we view your body as an interconnected whole and to effectively treat one part of the body, all other parts need to be considered.

  • Our comprehensive gut health focus takes a deep dive into testing and gut treatments to restore microbial, immune, and inflammation balance.

  • Disease is frequently triggered or caused by microbe imbalance as human cells are outnumbered by bacteria, fungi, and viruses 10:1. Our health is dependent on a healthy balance of microbes.

  • While what we eat, when we eat, and how we eat impacts our overall health, food is also a key therapeutic intervention and can enable your body to reset, decrease inflammation, and decrease immune activation.

  • With a steep rise in immune-mediated illnesses and severe consequences, patients have turned to comprehensive functional medicine for immune and autoimmune illnesses.

  • The majority of chronic illnesses can be linked to metabolic challenges. Interventions are an important lever to decrease inflammation, restore proper immune function, and optimal function across all body systems.

  • Tickborne diseases can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and can cause significant disability. With over 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year, careful expertise is needed to help you recover as fully as possible.

  • Metabolic interventions are an important lever to decrease inflammation, restore proper immune function, and optimal function across all body systems.

  • Exposure can be disruptive to our gut, brain, hormone and immune systems, inflammatory balance, and need to be properly identified to help your body eliminate accumulated toxins.

  • Cognitive impairment, depression, anxiety, memory issues, and many other neurological problems can be modulated and improved by working on other body systems such as the gut, hormones, toxin imbalance, and more.

  • Insufficient or poor-quality sleep increases our risk of almost all health issues from immune imbalances, inflammation, metabolic diseases, brain and mood dysfunction, and even cancer.

  • Chronic inflammation takes a tremendous toll on our body and brain, and is a central focus for functional medicine diagnosis and treatment.

  • Understanding the role that genetics and epigenetics play in our health helps us learn which genetic issues are not modifiable and how lifestyle and exposure affect each of us individually.

This is the best medical experience I've had in a very long time and top three of my whole life. Megan is thoughtful, explains things well and is super encouraging. 
Friends standing with their arms around each other

A high-touch, high-tech approach to functional medicine

Other care models are frequently episodic and reactive. CCFM uses virtual care, innovative health programs, and group visits, to ensure your care is personalized, collaborative, insightful, and data-driven.

Our comprehensive care team leverages the best of health technology, data analysis, and data visualization to provide real-time care and decisions.

New Program Offering!

Take Back Your Health after COVID

Our approach to treating COVID-19 considers all interconnected body systems and uses evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods to support a healthy immune response and recovery. Beyond simply treating the symptoms, we help to correct immune dysfunction, reduce inflammation, restore hormone balance, and support other metabolic pathways to help you recover sooner.

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Katie is amazing. I love her calm demeanor and she makes it so easy to share and have compassion for myself.


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