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Eating for optimal health and wellness—Taylor’s Story

Dr. Schweig is a blessing and is the light that shines around all darkness. Truly caring and genuinely gives hope when all seems hopeless and naturally makes us want to keep going and believing in getting better.

Patient Symptoms

At the young age of 23, Taylor started experiencing symptoms he believed to be a common upper respiratory infection. After international travel, his symptoms worsened and he began experiencing significant drops in his energy levels. By the time Taylor came to CCFM, he was 31 and had been suffering from brain fog, severe fatigue, and cognitive impairment. He had difficulty exercising without having worse fatigue and neurological symptoms and found finishing up his Master’s degree to be a real challenge. He had sought care from some of the best doctors but struggled to find lasting solutions. Taylor began to feel depressed, angry, and hopeless as a result of his mystery illness.

Immediately upon starting his care at CCFM, Taylor performed a series of comprehensive lab studies that investigated many different body systems. These results showed significant findings, especially imbalances in his gut with different microbes as triggers. Also uncovered were signs of infections with Mycoplasma, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Strep, and possible exposure to mold and tickborne diseases.

michael showing fatigue

Our Approach

Taylor was placed on an intensive gut protocol. He began a paleo template reset diet and antimicrobial regimen, followed by an herbal SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) protocol.

Changing his dietary patterns helped Taylor connect food to symptoms and provided him with a better understanding of how to eat for optimal health and wellness. Talyor was also given adrenal support and started The Dynamic Neural Retraining System to help restore his cognitive function, and decrease his limbic system activation.

He was able to travel again

As he made progress, protocols were rotated and expanded to continue to optimize his microbial balance in his gut as well as to address the pathogens that were identified. Over time, Taylor reported decreased abdominal pain, decreased mood swings and reduced anxiety, significant improvement to his brain fog and fatigue, and an ability to exercise regularly without any negative effects. His Medical Symptoms Questionnaire (MSQ) reduced from his original score of 57 down to 35, then to 17 and eventually down to 6 revealing minimal to no level of toxicity. 


Taylor is now able to travel again, backpacking without fatigue interfering with his exploration. His brain is working as biology intended, moods and anxiety have stabilized, and he is now able to find new levels of calm, confidence, and happiness— things that he “had not felt in some time.”

medical symptoms graph
global physical health graph
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*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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